Game Week 3 v. Lebanon Warriors

This Week:

  • Field Painting on Wednesday: show up at 6pm and we should be done in an hour.
  • Volunteers: Thurman Holder sent a note that we will need volunteers in the concession stand on both Thursday and Friday nights. Please go to the CV Football web page and grab a spot on the volunteering sign up page.
  • Team emails: Thurman has begun a project to get all parents emails sorted and associated with players so that going forward we can target our emails to the specific group rather than general email to everybody. Please see your class parent on Thursday or Friday at the game.  The class parents are as follows
    • Freshmen: Stacy Holder and Julie Hunnemeuller
    • Sophomores: Chandell Terwilliger and Mike Pelham
    • Juniors: Deb Graff
    • Seniors: Monic McPherson & Kristen Richmond
  • Pictures: Here is the link to this seasons game pictures. We really could use a photographer for all teams. See volunteer website for details
  • Freshmen Game Lebanon: Thursday at 5:30 on the Field of Dreams at CVHS
  • JV Game vs Lebanon: Currently scheduled for kick off at 5:30 At Lebanon High School. Game is a TBD status.  There is a possibility that this game will be canceled.  We will notify the players as soon as we know.
  • Varsity Game vs Lebanon Warriors: Friday night at 7pm on the Field of Dreams at CVHS.

August 29 – September 3

All Details to the week are in the Sunday night email.  Sign up on this website if you missed anything.

  1. Practice is at 3:30pm – 6:00pm Mon-Wed for Frosh/Soph and Mon-Thurs for ALL others.
  2. Get your Raider cards money turned in this week.
  3. Parents – This is the first week of volunteers in full swing.
    • Here is the calendar of all volunteer opportunities:
    • Wednesday – Field Painting at 6pm
    • We won’t need the freshmen game volunteers this week because Frosh/Soph will be traveling to Marist.  Please re-schedule yourself for a different day or consider signing up for one of the season jobs.
    • Friday Night Volunteers needed
  4. Frosh/Soph game:  Marist website says kick off is at 6pm. Bus will leave CVHS at 3:30pm.
  5. Varsity Game: Pre game meal at 4:30pm. Kick Off at 7pm at CVHS. All Juniors and Seniors will be dressing to play on Friday.

Week of 8/22-8/26

  • Practice on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are from 5:00-7:30pm for all levels.
  • Varsity lift session on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00am
  • Varsity Practice on Thursday: 5:00-7:30pm
  • Freshmen Jamboree on Thursday: 6pm at South Albany HS. Bus leaves at 4:30
  • Varsity Jamboree on Friday: 6pm at Lebanon HS, Bus leaves at 4:30. Gate fee:$3.00 – Travel Team announced on Thursday
  • Watch for a information email tomorrow with details.

2016 Parent Meeting, Events & Schedule

We realize that this is a busy time of year but we have some deadlines and it is imperative that everyone stays on top of what is due and when. Please, read the previously sent email  for complete info. Please put the dates on your calendar.

Here we go …

You will receive information about the football program through three main avenues:

  • Coacheswill communicate primarily through the players.  Players are expected to pay attention and relay accurate information in a timely manner.
  • Team Parents(Need volunteer) will share important supplemental information through email.  The contact information you give at the beginning of each season keeps us in contact.  Be sure to contact your Team Parent with any additions or changes. You can also register, follow or “like” any of our social media pages.
  • The website, Facebook & Twitterwill be updated regularly and kept as current as possible.  Schedules can change very quickly, though, so if there is a conflict of information, rely on the communication from your player.

Participation: All students participating in sports need:

  • Physical exam before beginning practice (or one on file in the last 2 years).
  • Code of conduct need to be completed for all athletes for each sport
  • Emergency card need to be completed for all athletes for each sport.
  • Athletic fee $150.00 and $75 for Free/Reduce Lunch

These forms are available at the Crescent Valley High School office and at the Crescent Valley website:


Forms for Football must be into office before start of practice on Monday August 15th

Physicals: Saturday, August 13, 8:30-2:00pm at CVHS  Physical Exams are required for freshmen, juniors, new students, and first-year athletes. Returning sophomores and seniors who have physical exam cards on file from the previous year do not need to have a new physical examination. In other words, a physical exam is good for two years. Student athletes must also satisfy the academic and training rules of the OSAA and Corvallis School District.

Parent Meeting: Required attendance Tuesday, August 16th at 7pm at CVHS.   We will be discussing what is expected of players and their families. We will also be opening up the volunteer registration forms.  It takes the entire Raider family to make the season work, so each player and families will be required to participate in off field activities, events and functions.
All families and individuals will be able to choose their concessions shift/volunteer assignments.  You may trade nights with another family/individual, or find a replacement (18yrs. or older), but please honor your assignment and fill the shift.  The online volunteer sign up will be posted this week on the CV Raider football website.  It is important to fill the concession spots as it funds many of our football activities. It takes 17 people to make a Varsity game go and 10 to make the JV/Frosh games go, so expect to do more than 1 job during the season. If you sign up for a concession spot prior to the parent meeting we ask freshmen and sophomore families to fill the Varsity games and Varsity parents to fill the Frosh/JV games so that you can watch your son play

1st week of practice: Monday August 15 – 5pm to 7:30 every day. If you have been participating in conditioning, you will be in gear.

Raider Field of Dreams clean up – EVERYBODY Parents and Players – Saturday August 20

Academic Guidelines:
Athletes must have a 2.0 gpa for the term prior to the season they are participating in.  If an athlete receives a gpa lower than 2.0 they will have to sit out of competitions for the first two weeks and have their current grades checked every two weeks during the season. Athletes can still participate in practices during their “sit out” time.

Other Important Forms:
These additional forms may be required by the district if your student is a transfer from another district, is being home schooled, is attending a private school but lives in the Corvallis School District, or is a foreign exchange student:

  • Student Intent to Transfer Certificate(for students planning on moving to Corvallis School District, this form must be approved prior to participating in any practice): click here
  • Eligibility Student Transfer Certificate(for 10th-12th grade students transferring into CVHS from another school at the beginning of the school year or 9th-12th grade students transferring in to CVHS after the school year has started): click here
  • Foreign Student Transfer Certificate(any exchange student wishing to participate for CVHS athletics needs to download and review this form): click here
  • Home School Eligibility Parent Checklist: click here
  • School Representation Eligibility Certificate(for students living in the CVHS District boundaries and are attending a private school that does not offer an extracurricular activity that CVHS does): click here



Seniu Maitland’s Memorial Celebration

Seniu Maitland’s memorial service will be held on June 25th at 8:00pm at the Crescent Valley High School football field. The family has asked us to wear vibrant colors as we are celebrating Seniu’s life. Please DO NOT wear black.

To prepare the stadium for Seniu’s memorial the Raider Football family, parents and players, are going to clean and prep the stadium on Monday, June 20 at 7pm.  All Raiders, parents and players, are asked to be there on Monday to help with the clean up and prep.

P.S: if you can’t figure out a color to wear, Seniu’s favorite color was pink

2016 Summer & Fall Schedules

  • Team meeting in Coach Riesenberg’s room
    • Thursday, May 19 at CV Lunch (11:15ish)
  • Parent meetingWednesday, June 1st in CVHS library 6:00pm
    • Subject: We will talk about heads up football, spring/summer schedule and parents volunteering
  • Spring practice OSAA sanctioned practices.
    • July 13th – July 20th 7:00am to 9:00am  ( 1st 3 days non pads, then 5 days in pads)
  • Designated OSAA Moratorium Week
    • July 24th to July 30th. NO PRACTICE
  • Players off : Friday July 20th (after practice) until Sunday July 30th.
  • 1st week Conditioning: Mornings
    • August 1st – August 4th (off 5th 6th & 7th) 7:00am-8:30am
      • (Three-day weekend for families to still get some time in)
    • 2nd week Conditioning: Mornings
      • August 8th –  August 11th, (off 12th, 13, 14th) 7:00am-8:30 am 
  • Fall Practice: starts August 15th – 19th, 5:30 to 7:30 pm
  • Fall Practice/2nd week
    • August 22nd schedule
      • Morning practice: M-Th, 7:00am – 9:00am CANCELED
      • Everyday 5:30pm – 7:30pm (EDIT on 8/21)
    • Frosh Jamboree at South Albany on Thursday the 25th
    • Varsity Jamboree at Lebanon HS, Friday the 26th
  • Game week 1 vs Marist HS
    • August 29th –  Regular school hours practice 4:00 to 6:30pm
  • Game Week 2 vs Springfield HS
    • All practices after school from 4:00-6:30pmParents and players: The following are how you can stay connected to CV Raider Football it is recommended that all players and Parents utilize all information feeds:

OSU Spring Performance Camp



Start date: April 4th, 2016

End date: May 26th, 2016

Start time: 6:30 pm

End time: 7:45 pm

Days per week: 3 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) $220

Days per week: 2 (ANY TWO DAYS on MON, WED, or THURS) $170

Cost: $220 OR $170

2016 Fall schedule

Crescent Valley Schedule 2016

Away HOME Date
Marist Crescent Valley Sept 2nd
Crescent Valley Springfield Sept 9th
Lebanon Crescent Valley Sept 16th
Crescent Valley Corvallis Sept 23rd
Crescent Valley Silverton Sept 30th
Central Crescent Valley Oct 7th
Crescent Valley Forest Grove Oct 13th
Dallas Crescent Valley Oct 21st
Crescent Valley South Albany Oct 28th
Playoffs   Nov4th

Off Season Weight Training

HSenior in the weight roomere is a great opportunity to prepare for the next season.

The OSU Performance Camp is great for all levels of weight training experience.  Mike and his staff teach all participants correct posture, form and technique while safely preparing athletes for their next season.  If you are not in a spring sport, join the rest of Raider football at the OSU performance camp.

Send a note by March 18th to or directly to Mike if you are interested in camp this spring.8 WEEKS
Start date: April 4th, 2016
End date: May 26th, 2016
Start time: 6:30 pm
End time: 7:45 pm
Days per week: 3 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) $220
Days per week: 2 (ANY TWO DAYS on MON, WED, or THURS) $170
Cost: $220 OR $170


Michael Johnson M.S., S.C.C.C., U.S.A.W.
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Oregon State University
Cell: 541.207.7186

News, Information & Details for CV Raider Football